Example of items tested:

Foods, beverages
Food supplements, herbs, botanicals, vitamins, etc.
Pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical products.
Health and beauty aids, cosmetics, perfumes, hair products, etc.
Cleaners, disinfectants, household products.
Automotive products, polishes, waxes, cleaners.
Plastics and resins, paints, sealers, coatings.
Metals, glass, ceramics, minerals, etc.
Construction materials, e.g. concrete, stucco, drywall, wallboard, wood, etc.
Electrical appliances, electrical devices, batteries.
Miscellaneous items such as hardware, tools, toys.




Send failed or suspect product(s) plus an exemplar or control sample, if available, and give complete details regarding the problem. A chain of custody form is available. Turnaround time can be 2-3 weeks. Fees start at $950.00 prepaid. See Forensic Rate Schedule for sample storage, consulting, affidavits, depositions, or court appearance.